screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast
screen hunter central coast
screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast
screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast
screen hunter central coast

Real Film Festival 2015

The Real Film Festival is a three-day art, community and industry event showcasing films based on real stories, including documentaries, features and shorts. This year, the dates are set for November 27 ~ 29, across a number of venues throughout Newcastle.

Each year the Festival runs industry development workshops, which are an informative experience for emerging filmmakers, established filmmakers, and anyone with an interest in how the film industry works. This year will cover topics such as Sound Design, Game Development, Editing, Special Effects Makeup, Producing, Acting for Screen and many more. Presenters include industry professionals such as Jeff Julian, who will be running the Conceptualisation workshop, showing attendees how to get their film out of their head and on to the screen; and Jason van Genderen, presenting the Portable Filmmaking workshop, which removes the idea of large crews and studios and strips filmmaking back to its core concepts: a camera and a vision.

The festival program includes a variety of entertainment including the Opening Night Gala held at Tower Cinemas with a party to follow at Custom’s House in Newcastle. The festival will also deliver an Open Air Cinema in Civic Park, film screenings at Tower Cinema and short film screenings at Newcastle Museum.

For more information and tickets head to:

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Screen Hunter Strategic Partnerships Program Survey

Screen Hunter, working with consultant, Jill Moonie of Creative Fast Forward, is in the early stages of planning a strategic 3 year professional development and industry engagement program aimed at building the capacity for the regions screen content producers. 

The vision of the program is to develop a leading edge, creative and collaborative regional screen industry producing content for an international audience.

We would like your help to identify the potential partners and opportunities, goals and commonalities that unite them, to compliment the vision of this project.

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Daniel Johns New Video Clip Filmed on Stockton Sand Dunes

The awe-inspiring aerial shots of the Stockton dunes were captured on Daniel Johns’ latest video clip using camera drones.

Aerial Love is the first release from Johns’ upcoming four-song EP, which is set to debut on 13th March. The sensual electro marks a shift away from his grungy Silverchair days, and while he may be alienating some of his rock fans with the new direction, it’s a very impressive tune and clip.

Johns opened-up on the video shoot. "The dunes actually looked spectacular but it was all pretty intense. The whole idea was to capture big aerial perspectives by using drone cameras that can fly by remote control. The winds were too strong in the first 24 hours though so they couldn't film anything. We finally started shooting on the second day but it was still 35 degrees in the shade and there were lots of sandstorms. It was like we were filming one of those desert scenes from Star Wars! I felt like I needed a droid."

Watch the clip here.

Looking to film on Stockton Beach and Sand Dunes?


Take a look at the below links to understand the access to Stockton Beach and Sand Dunes and some frequently asked questions.


Stockton Beach and Sand Dunes permitted access areas: WLALC Propossed Access




Fremantle Media experience working with Screen Hunter

THE MOLE has finished filming...but before I move on I wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for working with myself...on our shoot at Stockton Dunes.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you, we hope you will be pleased with the finished product and that there will be opportunity for Fremantle Media Australia and Screen Hunter to work together again in the future.

- Carla Russo | Producer

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Screen Australia Newsletter - 6th June 2013

Yoplait comes to Cessnock

Click on the image below to watch the Yoplait advertisment filmed in Cessnock.

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Just some of the beauty you’ll find in Lake Macquarie

Click on the image below to watch the video by Kent Woodcock.

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Mary Barltrop's (Location Manager) Experience Working with Screen Hunter.

"On behalf of the entire cast and crew of Tomorrow When the War Began, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your team for your extraordinary hard work and professionalism through our filming in the Hunter region.

The ‘one-stop-shop’ service offered by Screen Hunter makes a Location Manager’s life so much easier, especially when filming across so many Council areas.

Much credit should go to you and Screen Hunter for the key role you played in bringing this much-loved book to life. Congratulations and thanks again!"

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Carl Wood's (Location Manager) Experience Working with Screen Hunter

"Thank you for all your help with our research and filming in the Hunter Valley for the recent NSW Government Tourism TV Commercial.

It's great to be able to come to someone like yourself who can turn us around and head us in the right direction....

So again, thank you very much for your help with our filming in the Hunter Valley - and for keeping us on the right path!"

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screen hunter central coast
screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast screen hunter central coast
screen hunter central coast

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