Daniel Johns music filmed video on Stockton dunes

The awe-inspiring aerial shots of the Stockton dunes were captured on Daniel Johns’ latest video clip using camera drones.

Aerial Love is the first release from Johns’ upcoming four-song EP, which is set to debut on 13th March. The sensual electro marks a shift away from his grungy Silverchair days, and while he may be alienating some of his rock fans with the new direction, it’s a very impressive tune and clip.

Johns opened-up on the video shoot. “The dunes actually looked spectacular but it was all pretty intense. The whole idea was to capture big aerial perspectives by using drone cameras that can fly by remote control. The winds were too strong in the first 24 hours though so they couldn’t film anything. We finally started shooting on the second day but it was still 35 degrees in the shade and there were lots of sandstorms. It was like we were filming one of those desert scenes from Star Wars! I felt like I needed a droid."