Filming Applications

To film in most Hunter region locations, you will need a permit. Review the information below to determine which application processes apply to your production, or contact us. We’re here to take the pain out of the permit process.


Please note, if you decide to cancel your film application or your application was declined, the application fees will still be applicable and are non-refundable.


1. Filming within the Hunter’s council areas

Ultra-low impact filming or photography applications

If your film or photography production will occur within the Hunter’s council areas and requires:

  • Fewer than 5 personnel

  • A maximum of 1 camera, 1 light (if required), sound (if required), 1 tripod (if required)

  • No other equipment or infrastructure and it is based in a park or uses a footpath only (not on road areas); and

  • No parking, traffic control or road closures are required, nor will the production affect pedestrians, businesses or residents.

  • A minimum of 5 locations

Complete our Ultra Low Impact Application Form and attach the following:

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate

We require a minimum of 5 working days to process these applications.

All other Filming or Photography Applications

All other productions to occur within the Hunter’s council areas (including Stockton Sand Dunes, National Parks and Wildlife Services locations and the Maitland Gaol) should:

  1. Undertake a full technical survey of the film site
  2. Complete our Film Production and Photography Application Form and attach the following:

We require a minimum of 5 working days to process these applications (ideally please allow 10 working days)

2. Filming on private property

If your film or photography production will occur on private property, you do not need to apply for Council consent. You are required to submit a filming management plan to us by email, including the following:

  • Your company details

  • A description of the filming to take place

  • Proposed location

  • Start and end dates

  • Crew size

  • Details of any temporary structures

  • Details of equipment to be used (such as handheld or mounted cameras)

  • Parking arrangements

  • Any expected disruption to the surrounding area such as noise, vibrations, release of smells and the use of lighting or special effects.

You should also attach the following documentation, if required:

  • Police approvals (for any production on public land, or that involves firearms, police uniforms or any other law enforcement-related props)

  • Drone / UAV documentation (for any production involving flying over public land)

Productions on private property must also follow the state government’s planning restrictions in relation to the property.

3. Filming on locations managed by other authorities

If you require approval from other government authorities, chances are Screen Hunter issue the approvals on their behalf. If you are unsure on the landowner, feel free to email us and if we aren’t the authority, we will put you in touch with the correct person in the organisation.

Approvals from other authorities will vary in processing times. Please contact us early to get a head start.