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The Screen Hunter story

Screen Hunter was established in 2001. We are a division of Strategic Services Australia, and we work closely with a range of local service providers and community members to foster the film-friendly environment we are renowned for. As tireless champions for the unique qualities of our region, we want to bring the world to the Hunter, and share the Hunter with the world. Screen Hunter has brought one feature film to the Hunter each year over the past 7 years, including Superman Returns, Wolverine, Adoration, and Tomorrow When the War Began. We have also shot many international artists in the Hunter including Beyoncé, Delta Goodrem, Russell Crowe, Daniel Johns and many more. In 2016 alone, Screen Hunter permitted 138 film, stills, and television productions. A further 129 projects were filmed on private land and an additional 155 enquiries were received. This resulted in the creation of 746 short term local jobs – that’s approximately 2.7 new jobs created each day, stimulating more than $2 million in regional investment. Screen Hunter is committed to fostering a strong local creative industry through a range of initiatives. We are actively involved in linking emerging filmmakers with experienced practitioners. We are particularly engaged in developing the art of storytelling real events through our annual Real Film Festival, held in Newcastle in each year in October. The festival features screenings, workshops and networking events and short film competitions.

Our vision

The Hunter region is the most productive film destination in regional Australia. Screen Hunter works to ensure that our region is recognised for this proud fact while investing in our region’s own unique stories and creative industries. Our vision is a creative and sustainable film industry in the Hunter.

Our people

Screen Hunter is staffed by industry professionals with proven experience. We are passionate about film production and we know our region like the backs of our hands. We pride ourselves on our reputation as flexible, efficient, can-do people operating in a film-friendly environment. Looking for a post-apocalyptic landscape, a futuristic city backdrop, a magical forest, an historic streetscape or a basic prison interior? We can make anything happen in the Hunter.


Annette Hubber


Annette has been at the helm of Screen Hunter since 2008. She is an accomplished and experienced film practitioner with over 20 years of film, television, documentary, commercial, video and broadcast production experience. Annette is a community builder with strong relationships across industries in the Hunter and beyond. She is committed to supporting creative industries and loves to solve problems!